Autism Assessment Services

To fully ascertain whether the pupil has a high probability of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a multifaceted investigation will be utilised.
This will incorporate:-

  • Assessment for the presence of core symptoms – hypersensitivity with the individual’s senses.
  • Obtaining developmental history to establish incidence of behavioural and situational symptoms.
  • Examining the social history of relationships with friends, peers and family/carers.
  • Obtaining a family history of similar behavioural patterns with siblings and other family members (where possible).
  • Investigating the educational history – difficulty of achieving educational success and key areas of interest. Look at preferred learning style (if viable).
  • Collecting a psychiatric history from parent/carer and educational establishments, to determine whether other mitigating factors need to be considered – anxiety issues, learning difficulties or any other prominent factors become highlighted.
  • Conducting an investigation to determine whether there are medical issues to be factored in.

The data will then be collated into a report that will be directed to the funding body, school, and/or parent/carer. This may also be used as evidence for an EHCP assessment, CAMHs, alongside any other applications being considered.

If a Beacon UK or CAMHs application appears viable, this will be completed (with parents/carers consent) and sent to the relevant team. Parents/carers will also be directed to pertinent websites and local groups (where available) to aid in their understanding and allow them to share/discuss any concerns they may have.

*This service is for children seven years and older.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or assistance.